Hey Bearcats!

Lindsay + Dierking here! We’re very excited to be running to be your next Student Body President + Vice President at the University of Cincinnati! We look forward to every interaction with you over these next couple weeks and can’t wait to learn what’s most important to you! We hope that by learning more about our vision and platform, you join the movement to help students #FightToTheFinish

What We Stand For


There are a ton of resources already provided by the university that just aren’t accessible. Let’s remove the barriers that are prohibiting you from reaching your end goals.


We want to ensure that every student feels included both in the classroom and in the community.


It’s time for the University of Cincinnati to be a leader in sustainability practice, the opportunity is here to set the tone on what it means to be a sustainability institution.


We’re focused on implementing initiatives that will not only benefit you during your time as a student, but continue to benefit you for the next chapters of your life.

Meet Logan and Karl

Logan Lindsay - Presidential Candidate

When starting at UC back in the fall of 2016, one thing that became very obvious was the amount of broad opportunities available to students. I instantly knew that I wanted to take advantage of every second and give back to the university in any capacity that I can. I was able to recognize very early in my college career where I could make the most impact, which was through two specific organizations. These organizations were the College of Engineering and Applied Science Tribunal and Undergraduate Student Government. My experience in these organizations made it very clear that every ounce of effort has an immediate and tangible positive impact on the student experience. Witnessing that impact has been the driving force for me to stay involved in Undergraduate Student Government over the past four years and motivates me to continue my involvement into my fifth and final year.

I’m no different than any other student who wants to complete their college education, strive towards their dreams and goals, and to watch my ideas and dreams come to fruition. I recognize that there are resources not available for students to accomplish what they set out to achieve, and after many months of research and listening to what students want from their student experience, we have created a well-rounded platform that will address just that. As we reflect on the past 200 years, I see an opportunity to help pave the way for a successful future, which is why I’m running to be your next Student Body President.

Let’s fight to the end of our initiatives and goals, so that we can grow as individuals and as a community. Let’s fight to the end of our dreams and ambitions, so that way we reach milestones in our lives. Let’s fight to the end of the collegiate career, so that way we are prepared to tackle the next chapters of our lives. Let’s fight to whatever it may be that we set out to achieve, so that way we leave the University of Cincinnati better than when we arrived. Seek the highest, and never settle. We want to ensure that every Bearcat has the resources they need to grow and thrive, there is no better opportunity to Fight To The Finish.

Karl Dierking - Vice-Presidential Candidate

For as long as I can remember, I have been cheering for the Bearcats to Fight to the Finish. Growing up, this meant watching the “Cardiac ‘Cats” on TV and on special occasions traveling to campus to watch games in person. This didn’t stop me from visiting other schools during my college search, but at the end of the day, I could tell that there was something special about the University of Cincinnati. As I prepare for my fifth and final year at UC, those lyrics from our fight song have taken on a more personal meaning.

Since the fall of 2016, I have realized time and time again that what makes UC so special is the community. Through organizations like ROAR Tour Guides and CEAS Ambassadors, I have had the opportunity to recruit people from all backgrounds to come to this institution. In these organizations, it is my job to give those visiting campus a glimpse into what a day in the life of a Bearcat looks like. I do this by not only speaking from my own experiences but highlighting the amazing things that my peers are doing as well.

While I love many parts of the UC experience, I am all too aware that there is still plenty of room for improvement. Over the past couple of years in Student Government, I have worked to improve the student experience and have many more things I still plan to achieve. In my last year at UC, I hope to continue to amplify the voice of my fellow students and assist others as we work to put them in positions where they can enact the change they want to see on campus.

Our Vision For the Student Body

As the university reflects on the past 200 years, it is crucial that we pave the way for a successful future. We envision a community where students are given the resources and opportunities needed to complete their college education while striving towards their initiatives and goals. We want to create a culture where differences are embraced and students can watch their ideas and dreams come to fruition. We believe that our mission will reinvent the campus experience and give every Bearcat the resources they need to Fight To The Finish.

Our Platform


What is this?

Advising can make a huge impact in the lives of university students. With that being said, it is important that advisors are well-prepared to assist students of all backgrounds.

Who does this impact?

We believe that this initiative would benefit every student, but the main focus would be to support students with unique experiences. These students include commuters, transfers, transitions, and international students.

What is our plan?

We plan to accomplish this initiative by working with the advising heads in each department as well as pathways advising to create an action plan and then establish a training program to ensure that advisors are prepared to assist students in all circumstances.

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What is this?

Currently, if you are seeking mental health services, you are required to schedule a session with the central CAPS office on Calhoun Street. This off-campus centralized office creates unnecessary barriers and reduces accessibility to CAPS services. We want to embed CAPS counselors in academic colleges and centers so that they are more accessible to students.

Who does this impact?

Regardless of if you currently utilize CAPS resources or not, this program would benefit students from all over the university. With an embedded CAPS counselor program, increased programming events will be hosted at each college and center to provide more support for each and every student.

What is our plan?

We want to create an embedded CAPS counselor program that houses counselors directly into colleges and centers, modeling efforts after peer institutions such as the University of Michigan and UT Austin.

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What is this?

We believe that the Bearcat Pantry is a great resource for students to have, but unfortunately, it is not in the most accessible location. We want to enhance the Bearcat Pantry in a variety of ways so that it can be more easily available to students.

First, we want to create a Bearcat Pantry Delivery Program. This program will allow students to go online or call to schedule a time and location for volunteers to deliver the food directly to you.

Second, we want to extend the days and hours that the Bearcat Pantry is open. We plan to extend the pantry to later in the evening and expand it to the weekends.

Who does this impact?

These enhancements would impact students who wish to utilize the Bearcat Pantry and its services, whether that be free food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, or professional clothing.

What is our plan?

We plan to work with Dean Cummins to utilize Bearcat Pantry Volunteers and allow them to deliver food across the university utilizing university vehicles.

Many fraternities and sororities require their members to meet a set number of service hours each year. By working with Fraternity and Sorority Life, we plan to provide more service hour opportunities by extending the hours and days of the pantry. The Bearcat Pantry is very close to many fraternities and sororities making this volunteer opportunity ideal for this community.

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What is this?

Currently, if a student is experiencing housing insecurities, Dean Cummins can assist them by moving them into an empty campus residence hall owned by the university. Unfortunately, University Housing still charges these students for staying in these empty residence halls.

This initiative would create a fund that University Housing can pull the expenses from rather than charging the students undergoing these housing insecurities.

Many students aren’t aware of this resource provided by Dean Cummins and Student Affairs. We plan to fix that by advertising this resource on the university’s ‘Community Resources’ page and to different centers and colleges.

Who does this impact?

This service would impact any students experiencing housing insecurity throughout their time as a student.

What is our plan?

We plan to work with Student Affairs and University Housing to advertise this resource on their respective websites.

We also plan to allocate an appropriate amount from the annual Student Government budget to support this fund. We will then work with Student Affairs and University Housing to ensure that students can anonymously utilize this resource and ease any housing insecurities.

By working with UC Foundation and creating this endowment, people can contribute financially and increase the number of students that this fund will benefit.

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What is this?

We believe that centers like the African American Cultural & Resource Center, LGBTQ Center, Women’s Center, Office of Ethnic Programs and Services, and UC International, provide amazing resources for our underrepresented communities. With this initiative, we plan to focus internally as an organization on collaborating more with the identity and minority-based centers to help expand the impact and outreach that they are able to provide.

Who does this impact?

This initiative would impact students of all demographics. By collaborating with these centers, they will be able to host more events and provide more resources to support students during their collegiate years.

What is our plan?

We plan to make this happen by utilizing the identity and minority-based Directors in Student Government. By having these Student Government Directors work directly with their respective Center Directors, we can provide the additional effort and financial resources needed to create more events that will give back to students.

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What is this?

Bars and restaurants around the world are implementing a secret code to help individuals who feel threatened or uncomfortable in a social atmosphere. Sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy group, Women Helping Women, has partnered with the national ‘It’s On Us’ campaign to provide an all-inclusive bar training program that educates and empowers bar owners, employees, and patrons.

We plan to expand this campaign to more bars and restaurants at the University of Cincinnati to implement these training programs and sexual assault prevention strategies. We plan to join in the fight against sexual assault with the numerous bars that have already completed the training.

The ‘Ask For Lexi’ campaign installs posters in bar and restaurant bathrooms that give patrons the ability to leave an uncomfortable or potentially threatening situation. This campaign is adapted after similar programs such as the ‘Angel Shot Initiative’.

Who does this impact?

This initiative would not only impact students at the university, but all patrons in the local community.

What is our plan?

We plan to work with Women Helping Women to meet with local bar and restaurant owners and discuss implementation of this training.

We would then work to establish a strong relationship between Women Helping Women and the university so that these establishments and all future establishments, receive sexual assault and domestic violence prevention training.

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What is this?

We want to host “Meatless Mondays” every Monday in one of the dining halls on campus. The focus of this designated dining hall will be to provide vegetarian/vegan dishes that help reduce the carbon footprint we leave as an institution. That is because dishes with meat leave a higher carbon footprint compared to dishes without meat.

There will still be plenty of food options containing meat in every other dining hall. There will also be a food option with meat in the designated “Meatless Monday” dining hall, but a majority of the dishes will be meat-free.

Who does this impact?

This initiative would impact students that utilize the dining halls, as well as users of the Bearcat Pantry. There are plenty of students utilizing the Bearcat Pantry that do not have many options due to their vegetarian/vegan diets. We want to give food vouchers for ‘Meatless Mondays’ to the Bearcat Pantry so that these students with food insecurities have more options.

What is our plan?

We would work with Food Services to create a menu that is appealing and inclusive to all student diets. We plan to model other campus meatless efforts after peer institutions such as the University of North Texas and Northwestern University.

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What is this?

Over the past few years, the university has made great strides towards reducing the plastic waste generated on our campus. We recognize that there are many improvements that can still be made and we want to start by taking a look at the plastic waste generated by our “grab n’ go” stations (Catskeller, Quick Mick’s, Victory Parkway Café, Teachers Café, Campus Green Café, Campus View Café, and DAAP Café).

In each of these “grab n’ go” stations, each item is individually cased in plastic. We want to explore and see if there are any other environmentally-friendly alternatives to case these items other than plastic.

We also want to look into alternatives for the plastic straws that are used in these stations and to eliminate the plastic bags used in Market on Main and the UC Bookstore.

Who does this impact?

This initiative would mostly impact students with meal plans, but would also impact anyone that utilize these “grab ‘n go” stations.

What is our plan?

We would work with Food Services to implement other box and straw options to reduce plastic waste and make our campus more sustainable.

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What is this?

Food waste and overcrowded dining halls are common problems at higher education institutions. We plan to combat these issues in a couple ways.

First, at the beginning of the new academic year (fall 2020), we plan to sell to-go containers for students to use throughout the year. These to-go containers will be sold for the first few weeks in dining halls at an affordable price. This will allow students to take food with them and eat where they please instead of staying in the dining hall. At the end of the spring semester, we will then allow students to return these containers and be refunded the full amount, allowing them to be used the next year. This initiative would reduce the amount of disposable containers that go into landfills and incentivize students to utilize reusable containers. We plan to model this program similarly to peer institutions such as Tulane University’s OZZI Program.

Secondly, we plan to utilize the displays in the dining halls to provide students tips and tricks on reducing their food waste. Students are currently being informed about food waste in On The Green’s dish return area, where students are shown how many pounds of food are wasted every day. We plan to expand features like this to all dining halls across the university.

Who does this impact?

This initiative would impact mostly first-year students, but would also impact any students that eat in the dining halls.

You would also be eligible to purchase the to-go containers even if you do not have a meal plan and just want the reusable container.

What is our plan?

We plan to work with Food Services and Campus Services to create affordable reusable containers, then allow students to purchase them in each of the dining halls.

We will also work with Food Services on what to display on their digital displays in each of the dining halls.

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What is this?

Tired of waiting in long lines in order to get Chick-Fil-A? Skipping lunch because you don’t have time to pick up food? Not anymore! We want to allow students to order from any of the university’s food locations through the UC Mobile App. This addition would allow you to skip the lines at Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, etc., and walk right up to the counter to pick up your food.

Who does this impact?

This initiative would impact all students, staff, and faculty at the University! By being able to cut the lines, students will be able to spend less time waiting and more time being productive.

What is our plan?

We intend to collaborate with Food Services to integrate this mobile ordering feature directly into the UC app.

We will also collaborate with Food Services to adjust the respective restaurants to be able to handle mobile delivery.

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What is this?

This initiative would assist students that are accruing expenses for their professional development experiences. We don’t want these expenses to deter students from getting the professional experience they want in order to have successful careers.

By creating a program that allows Student Government to eliminate these expenses for students, we can ensure that students gain professional experience that will benefit them throughout their careers.

Who does this impact?

This would impact every student wanting to have a professional development experience.

If there are supplies or something you need for this professional development experience, let Student Government get it for you!

What is our plan?

We plan to work with local non-profit organizations to provide more supplies for our students.

A great example is Crayons to Computers, an organization that assists student teachers to ensure that they have the supplies needed for their classrooms.

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What is this?

Tired of using high school prom pictures for your LinkedIn profile picture? Need an updated professional headshot, but don’t want to pay for a photographer? We have the solution for you! We want to bring a Self-Served Professional Headshot Booth to our campus! By placing this in the new Bearcat Career Studio, students will now have access to free professional headshots 40 hours a week!

Who does this impact?

This platform point would benefit every student at the university and provide free professional headshots that can last for years!

The Bearcat Career Studio is open to all students, Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is located in TUC next to PNC Bank.

What is our plan?

We would collaborate with the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education and the Bearcat Promise to raise the funds needed to pay for this self-served professional headshot booth.

We would then work with the Bearcat Career Studio to install the booth in an accessible location.

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